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How to check SOA record using Linux terminal

SOA record is a type of resource record that is used by the Domain name system (DNS). Every domain name has an SOA record in its database. It indicates basic properties of the domain and the zone

Comparison between Pico vs Vi Editor

The Pico and Vi are the famously used Text editors in Unix and Linux based systems. Here you will see, the major difference between Pico vs Vi Editor.

How to create email accounts in Plesk on Linux

The Plesk CLI (Command Line Interface) was designed in order to integrate the Plesk Server Administrator with other third-party applications. This CLI can also be used to manage Plesk installations by administrators experienced in using Plesk. This

What SSH command is used to search a word in Terminal Recursively

Sometimes we need to search for a word in the location of a given file or in a certain directory. In such cases grep command is used to accomplish the status. ‘Grep‘ is the frequently used Unix or