php.ini overview

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After this tutorial, you will know everything about .ini.


A file is a simple text file that allows you to change your PHP settings. For example, the comes with a few default settings such as a PHP _limit of 90MB. Other limits that are often changed are for PHP execution time and size. This tutorial walks you through how to set up a php.ini file and add your custom adjustments.

Determine which PHP version your website uses

Before you create a php.ini file, you will need to know which version of PHP your site is running. The following article explain how to view the PHP version of your site.



How to create a php.ini file

You can create a php.ini file by logging into your server via or . The following links walk you through each option.

Updating your changes

After you have created your php.ini file, you should update your PHP configuration to ensure the new settings take effect. View the following article for further details:

  • Killing off running PHP processes
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