How to check Folder Size in your Current Directory using SSH

SSH is meant as Secure Shell. The SSH is a program for logging into the remote machine and for the executing commands in the remote machine. SSH provides an authentication by using the private key. It is the root

How to Check Server Load via SSH

Server Load expresses the number of processes waiting in the queue to access the computer processor. It’s calculated for a certain period of time and number of processes is smaller, the performance and responsiveness of the server will

How to find the Full Path of your Current Directory using SSH

SSH provides authentication by using the private key. It is the root access to your account from the remote system in a secured manner. SSH access is enabled for VPS and dedicated server.

How to Check your Server’s CentOS Version

CentOS which stands for Community Enterprise Operating System and it’s an open source OS. CentOS is a distribution of Linux Operating System based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL). CentOS exists to provide a free enterprise class computing platform and strives

How to Monitor the CPU Usage and Process via SSH

CPU usage describes, how much the processor is working. Usage is vary based on the types of task.

How to View the Kernel Version of your Server

The kernel is the part of operating system and it controls all programs on the computer. When the computer starts, it goes through some initialization (booting) function.

How to View the Server Compiler Version

GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a compiler system. It was produced by the GNU project to support various programming languages. It can support the languages such as C (GCC), C++ (g++), Objective-C, objective-C++, Fortran (gfortran), Java (gcj),

How to Check Port 80 Connections via SSH

A Port number is a part of addressing information. It identifies a specific process or other network message is to be forwarded when it arrives at a server. It can identify a network-based application uniquely on a server.

How to Change the Server Timezone via SSH

A Linux is often called “Unix-like” because it functions in much the same way as UNIX. For instance, it uses a command-line interface and many of its basic commands have the same name and serve the same purpose, like those

How to check the Nameserver using Linux terminal

First thing, you will need to know about the Domain Name System (DNS). Then only, you will understand about the Nameserver. This article used to know about, what is DNS and Nameserver and you will see, how to check Nameserver