How to check your Linux server port speed

Speed performance is the important and un-negligible feature when it comes to internet communication. Port speed of a server is nothing but the rate at which speed of your server can download data from your server and

How to Change Your Email Destination with cPanel

Email services for a domain can be offered locally on your cPanel account itself. The MX record is responsible for identifying which server will handle mail for a particular domain. However, if you want to use another email service,

What is ‘Traceroute’ command

Traceroute is a network tool used to display the route and transmit delay of packets in a network. It displays the round trip time of the packets received from each host in the path, the sum of the

How to setup Gravatar in WordPress

Gravatar is short for “Globally Recognized Avatar”. You may notice a small image that appears next to people’s names after leaving a comment on a website. It may be a real photograph or a piece of clip art.

How to View Inode of a File

An inode is a data structure in the Unix-style file system. It describes a file system object such as a file or a directory. Whenever a file is created in Unix, a set amount of inodes will also

How to Delete particular Folder via SSH

SSH means Secure Socket Shell. It is a program to log into another computer over a network to execute commands on a remote machine and to move files from one system to another. SSH provides strong authentication

Which is the Script used to Update APACHE and PHP

If you run a cPanel server and need to upgrade APACHE and PHP version, cPanel provides the EasyApache tool.

How to Suspend an account via root SSH

In WHM or cPanel server, there is an option to suspend a particular account/domain for a particular period. This option is very helpful to deactivate an account if we found any malicious activities like spamming, phishing etc

How to find the PHP Memory Limit via SSH

The PHP allows default memory to be used when processing the website. The default PHP memory limit before the version 5.2 was 8MB. Then it was increased to a default of 16MB for the version 5.2.0. Now,

How to View the List of Installed Applications in the Server

RPM (RPM Package Manager) is a popular utility for installing software on Unix-like systems, especially Red HatLinux. RPM was developed on the basis of the Linux Standard Base (LSB). It is a powerful and a command-line driven package management