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How to create email accounts in Plesk on Linux

The Plesk CLI (Command Line Interface) was designed in order to integrate the Plesk Server Administrator with other third-party applications. This CLI can also be used to manage Plesk installations by administrators experienced in using Plesk. This

How To Limit Size of Plesk Mailbox On Linux

On Linux, Plesk mailbox is stored in the directory specified in value to parameter PLESK_MAIL NAMES_D in configuration between the file like:

How To View Email Information In Plesk On Linux

An email account is a virtual address for email messages, provided with the email account provider. Email information username, email account provider and email settings.

How to enable Antivirus Screening for E-mails in Plesk on Linux

Antivirus screening is kind of filtering process to identify the malware virus and spam for both incoming and outgoing emails. virus are real threats to email users. Viruses can mutate (change the way they appear to users) or

How to Remove an Email Account in Plesk on Linux

Plesk is a web hosting control panel like cPanel. It helps in managing the web hosting account through a web-based interface. Plesk helps to manage thousands of virtual hosts on a single machine. It can be used